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Birthday Parties To Go! 

You can have your very own McDonald’s Birthday right at home!  With our Party at Home Kits you receive all you need to throw the Birthday they will never forget! 

$6.99 per child (10 Child Minimum)

Each kit includes: Birthday Cake, Minute Maid® Juice Boxes, Ronald McDonald® Candle, Gift for Birthday Party Child, Hats, Party Trayliners, Party Plates & Forks, Goodie Bags with 4 Party Favors for Each Child. 

Orange Bowl- *($25 REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT REQUIRED) $15.99  for 5 Gallon Cooler                    

McDonald's® is proud to be an active member of your community. Our founder, Ray A. Kroc, believed McDonald's® should give something back to the communities where it does business. He established "The Orange Bowl" program and we proudly continue the program today. The Orange Bowl drink container is a special service provided by McDonald's® that puts fun in your organization's next social event. It travels right to where the event is being held and comes with delicious Hi-C® orange drink. Complete the form below to request "The Orange Bowl" for your non-profit organization's nextevent.                                                             

 Power Bowl-* ($25 REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT REQUIRED)$15.99 for 5 Gallon Cooler
Have fun and celebrate your team's success with a Powerade® Power Bowl from your neighborhood McDonald's® this season! Powerade® quenches your thirst while providing hydration and energy.

McDonald’s™ McTeacher Nights™                                           

McTeacher Nights are a great way for your school to get funds to pay for necessary equipment or basic supplies needed that are not covered by your schools budget.  McDonald's will donate from *10% to 20% of ALL SALES for your 2 hour dinner from 5:00pm to 7:00pm on any Scheduled Thursday Evening Choosen by both the Organization and the School.  Your teachers and Administrators work behind the counter, on fries and get their McHappy on, all while entertaining their students and raising money! * Percentage based on total of sales and participation.

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*To request this McDonald's make a donation to your charity, school or non-profit organization.